Welcome to Summer Scam.com!

From distant whispers and hearty boastings of tales spent from ages past rises a new requiem no longer shadowed in ancient folklore.  Behold!  Your guide to Summer Scam!

What is Summer Scam? 
A party to celebrate an end to the summer.  Unfortunately, all of the organizers and participants were under legal drinking age. Thus various tactical, and often deceptive, maneuvers and practices (i.e. scams) were required to be implemented to pull off such an occasion.

*****UPDATE On Summer Scam 6******
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Past Summer Scam participants have gone on to become United Nations Ambassadors, Nobel Peace Prize Recipients, NASA engineers, Vascular Surgeons, and MIT Economic Statisticians. (well...actually we all grew up to be a bunch of blue collar workers living from paycheck to paycheck, but the previous sentence sounds better.)