Welcome to Summer Scam.com!

There are differences of opinion regarding the origins of Summer scam.  The general consensus is a festival of epic proportions held at the small clearing outside of Rome, IA.  A certain gang of mischievous youth referred to said location as "The Rails"

However, the rebuttal party seems to remember this event being held near a certain cabin in the woods behind a cornfield southeast of Mt. Pleasant.  This party only had a handful of participants.

So for purposes of this website, The Rails event will be regarded as the first official Summer Scam.

Date:  Summer 1989

Location: "The Rails" - Rome, IA

Hosts:  Drew Williams, Tom "Shag" Martin and Alfred "Malakie" Crossen

Confirmed Participants: Missy Wagner, Lisa Ganka, Amy Neff, Scarlett Ballard, Heather Woodsmall, Dawn Wear, Mike Hummel, Derrick Hill, Brad Love, Brian Twidwell, Chad Carnes, Bob Murdoch, and about 20 other juvenile delinquents. 

Cover Charge: Paid for through generous donations

Notable Event(s): Henry County Deputy Tracy Brooks standing on top of the small cliff ordering everyone to stay where they are at.  Initially everyone thought it was a joke by Malakie from Drew's P.A. system hooked up to his C.B. in his car.  Of course once everyone realized it really was the cops, everyone scattered into the various wooded areas.

Entertainment: Boom Box

Refreshments: Various assortments of cases of beer, and a few bottles of schnapps.

Busted?: Yes.  But no formal charges filed.

From L to R: Scarlett, Drew, Derrick, Mike

From L to R: Drew, Mike, Derrick, Scarlett

From L to R: Mike Holmes, Drew, Chad Fountain, Missy, Scarlett

From L to R: Danny Davis, Mike Holmes, Drew, Missy, Chad, Scarlett

From L to R: Amy Neff, Kevin Jacobs, Greg Parker, Bryan Twidwell